What Can You Do With Denizen?

What Can An Advanced User Do With Denizen?

What can you do with Denizen... if you're dedicated? Anything you can set your mind to!


  • (Outdated) In the past before I (mcmonkey) created Sentinel, I had written the same basic concept as a fully functional Denizen script: Old Repo Archive - dSentry


  • Or whatever other crazy thing you might imagine. Here's a chest GUI of a keypad to type on:


What Can A Normal User Do With Denizen?

What can you do with Denizen... if you're a more average user? Still quite a lot!

  • It's very common to write a variety of basic server utilities in a Denizen script, such as a daily auto-restart which amounts to just a few lines of script. In fact, here's exactly such a script:

    type: world
    debug: false
        on system time 01:00:
        - announce "<gold>Server restart in ten minutes!"
        - wait 5m
        - announce "<gold>Server restart in five minutes!"
        - wait 2m
        - announce "<gold>Server restart in three minutes!"
        - wait 1m
        - announce "<gold>Server restart in two minutes!"
        - wait 1m
        - announce "<gold>Server restart in one minute!"
        - wait 30s
        - announce "<gold>Server restart in thirty seconds!"
        - wait 30s
        - adjust server restart

It's that simple! Most of the space usage is simple copy/pasted messages.

  • Writing quests within Denizen is very popular as well (usually NPC-driven, refer to the What Can Denizen Do With Citizens? page for more info).

  • Custom item systems are pretty popular as well. You can write item scripts as simply as this example:

    type: item
    debug: false
    material: diamond_sword
    display name: <gold>Hero's Sword!
    - Sword granted only to the greatest of heroes.
    - sharpness:5

You can easily just - give hero_sword at any time, and use simple world events to give special properties to your items.