Working With and Building Denizen


Make sure you have the following tools installed on your machine:

  • Some form of git. We recommend GitHub Desktop (if you're using Linux, don't worry, there's probably a package for your distro).

  • IntelliJ IDEA. This editor is specifically designed for Java projects and will handle dependencies on its own.

Building Spigot

To build Denizen, you'll also need to build the supported versions of Spigot, which you can find on the project README. To do this, Spigot provides a tool called BuildTools. This cannot be substituted with prebuilt jars or forks, as it must be built into your local maven repo.

Follow the setup instructions and then run the BuildTools jar for each version supported by Denizen. This should be a command like java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.18.2 --remapped remapped-mojang (note that 1.16.5 in particular doesn't use the remapped flag).

Building Denizen

  1. Clone the Denizen repository:

  2. Open the cloned folder with IntelliJ.

  3. Open the Maven tab, select denizen-parent, and click "Run Maven Build" (the green arrow).

After building, the jar will be available in the target folder. You can stick this into your test server's plugins folder and all of Denizen should be available. You can repeat step 3 to build the project after making any desired changes.