How Sample Scripts Are Formatted In This Guide

When you see a sample script anywhere in this guide, it wil be categorized into one of three color-coded types: Good, Needs-Change, or Bad.

Good Scripts

    type: task
    - narrate "This script can be dropped in!"

Good scripts have a green outline. These scripts are good enough to be put into a server as-is and will work (though won't necessarily have much use).

Needs-Change Scripts

    type: task
    - narrate "You'll have to fill this in"
    - wait (Put your delay here)
    - (put more commands here)

Scripts that are good but need changes to work have a blue outline. These scripts usually demonstrate a syntax or contain only part of a script. If you want to try one, you'll have to fill in the missing pieces before loading it in.

Imperfect Scripts

    type: task
    - narrate "ur flag is <player.flag[waffle]> unless <player.has_flag[waffle]> is false oopsie"

Imperfect scripts have a yellow outline. These scripts are valid for learning material but shouldn't be used as-is.

Bad Scripts

    type: tusk
    - delete system32
    - narrote 'This ain't work""

Scripts that are bad and should not be used have a red outline. These scripts usually demonstrate common mistakes or pitfalls, and are presented only as examples of what NOT to do. These scripts may contain typos, errors, misformatting, bad logic, or even just simply outdated syntaxes.