A Kill Quest (PARTIAL)

TODO: Notice about required section reading before starting this.

TODO: Write-up guiding players from start to finish through writing an NPC-driven kill quest.

Historical Version

You can still find the old tutorial video here, however be warned that some of its techniques are outdated, notably the flag tags. Read through the list of Updates Since The Tutorial Videos if you choose to watch the video.

Sample Script

This guide has not yet been written, however, here is a script with in-file explanation comments that demonstrates one possible implementation of an NPC-driven kill quest.

This sample assumes you have a modern Denizen configuration file. That is, your plugins/Denizen/config.yml was generated after June 2021 (Release 1743 or later). If your config is older but you wish to use this script, you can either

  • A: Delete your config.yml file and restart your server so Denizen can regenerate it.

  • or B: go into your config.yml in your text editor, find the line Queue speed: 0.5s under Interact:, and change the 0.5s to instant, then /denizen reload config

This script is designed such that you could copy/paste and load it in to your server, and assign it to an NPC with /npc assign --set npc_killquest or /ex assignment set npc_killquest, and it will all work. You can then customize it and/or use it as a reference to learn from.

This may be easier to read within the script editor than on this webpage.

# Core assignment script to be given to the NPC
    type: assignment
        on assignment:
        # Enable both triggers that will be used
        - trigger name:click state:true
        - trigger name:chat state:true
    interact scripts:
    # And link the interact script below
    - npc_killquest_interact

# Alternate chat format for the NPC if you don't like default 'chat'
# if you make multiple NPCs with this script as a template, remember that you only need the format scripts *once* (unless you have it different per NPC)
    type: format
    format: <&b><npc.name> <&f>to you<&co> <&2><[text]>

# A clean but simple format for instructions given to the player by the script rather than by the NPC
# (The Out-Of-Character clarification of what the NPC said In-Character).
    type: format
    # Light Gray + Italic
    # Can also be written like <gray><italic>
    format: <&7><&o>[<[text]><&7><&o>]

    type: interact
        # Default step: waiting for player to interact
            # The player's initial interaction with this NPC is always just right clicking it
            click trigger:
                # Example of doing engage per-player with a flag
                # Engaging is a way to prevent players from spamming interactions with an NPC and glitching the scripts out as a result.
                # It just forces the player to wait on their next interaction until the current one is finished.
                # It works by using a has_flag check at the start of each interaction to stop early, and adding/removing before/after slow interactions like the narrates with waits below.
                - if <player.has_flag[npc_engaged]>:
                    - stop
                # Check for a cooldown before dealing with engage so we don't have to disengage inside the if
                - if <player.has_flag[kill_zombie_quest_cooldown]>:
                    # While a cooldown *could* be a step or a `cooldown` command, having it as a flag allows you to track and display the cooldown timer clearly, which players will appreciate.
                    - narrate format:instruction_format "You can repeat this quest in <player.flag_expiration[kill_zombie_quest_cooldown].from_now.formatted>."
                    # If we put the script *after* an engage, the disengage would go here - just before any 'stop' command.
                    - stop
                # Add the engage flag for one minute - either it will be cleared via the flag command, or if something bugs, it will clear on its own after a minute
                - flag player npc_engaged expire:1m
                # Alternately, instead of the player flags, you can use engage commands to engage per-NPC,
                # which is simpler to do (it's all in the one short command) but gets in the way of other players often
                #- engage
                - narrate format:cchat "Hello there. Would you care for a special prize?"
                - wait 5t
                - narrate format:cchat "If so, you can kill 5 zombies for me."
                - wait 5t
                - narrate format:cchat "Will you accept this request?"
                - wait 5t
                # The player can type 'yes' or 'no' into chat normally, OR click the word to automatically say it
                - narrate format:instruction_format "Type <&b><&o><element[Yes].click_chat[yes]><&7><&o> or <&b><&o><element[No].click_chat[no]>"
                # Zap to the step that contains the chat trigger. Add a five minute limit so if the player runs away and comes back, the NPC isn't still expecting a response.
                - zap accept_question 5m
                - flag player npc_engaged:!
                #- disengage
        # Second step: only active while waiting for a response to the question given in the click trigger
            chat trigger:
                    # Simple main chat trigger: if the player says yes, they start the quest
                    trigger: "/Yes/ I accept the quest"
                    - if <player.has_flag[npc_engaged]>:
                        - stop
                    - flag player npc_engaged expire:1m
                    #- engage
                    - narrate format:cchat "Okay great!"
                    - wait 5t
                    - narrate format:instruction_format "Kill 5 zombies!"
                    # Start a counter flag at zero (no zombies killed yet).
                    - flag player kill_zombie_quest_count:0
                    # Jump to the step for finishing the quest and lock it in (no timeout).
                    - zap finish_quest
                    - flag player npc_engaged:!
                    #- disengage
                    # Even though it's not really needed, add a 'no' response that just zaps back
                    trigger: "/No/ I don't"
                    - if <player.has_flag[npc_engaged]>:
                        - stop
                    # More frequently shown messages can get annoying to players who have to see them constantly.
                    # Adding randomness to some messages is a little touch that makes scripts just that little bit nicer for players
                    - random:
                        - narrate format:cchat "Okay screw off!"
                        - narrate format:cchat "Okay then."
                        - narrate format:cchat "Screw you then!"
                    # They refused, so hop back to the default step and wait.
                    - zap *
        # 3rd step: only allowed interaction is click, they're stuck here til they finish the quest
            click trigger:
                # This step doesn't have delayed interactions, so no engage needed.
                # If the quest is marked as completed, give rewards.
                - if <player.has_flag[kill_zombie_quest_complete]>:
                    - narrate format:cchat "Great work! Here's your reward!"
                    - give diamond
                    # Then remove the 'complete' flag and set the cooldown
                    - flag player kill_zombie_quest_complete:!
                    - flag player kill_zombie_quest_cooldown expire:24h
                    # And zap back to the default step so they can retry the quest after the cooldown is done.
                    - zap *
                - else:
                    # Otherwise, just give idle waiting chatter.
                    - random:
                        - narrate format:cchat "You killed those zombies yet?"
                        - narrate format:cchat "I'm still waiting on the zombies."
                        - narrate format:cchat "Are you gonna kill those zombies or what?"

    type: world
        # Listen to the event of a player killing zombies
        # Only listen when the counter flag is present
        after player kills zombie flagged:kill_zombie_quest_count:
        # After the kill, bump the player's kill counter
        - flag player kill_zombie_quest_count:++
        # When it hits five, you're done!
        - if <player.flag[kill_zombie_quest_count]> == 5:
            - narrate format:instruction_format "Zombie Quest Complete: Return to the NPC"
            # So remove the counter (to avoid it continuing to count up) and add a new flag indicating the quest is complete
            - flag player kill_zombie_quest_count:!
            # Alternatively to the flag, using '- zap npc_killquest_interact quest_completed' and a corresponding new step would also work.
            # The flag + if/else was chosen mostly for the sake of having examples of different methodologies.
            - flag player kill_zombie_quest_complete