Setting Up Your Script Editor

Table of Contents

The Editor


The officially recommended way to edit Denizen scripts is using VS Code, with the Denizen extension!


  • First, download and install VS Code. Note that this is NOT "Visual Studio" despite half of its name being that. (The naming is rather confusing, unfortunately. Microsoft's doing...)

  • Second, after VS Code is installed, you can install the Denizen extension by clicking the green "Install" button on the linked page.

  • (The extension will also automatically install .NET 5.0. Some users have reported needing to restart their PC for this install to fully complete.)


  • Open your scripts folder with VS Code - that's plugins/Denizen/scripts/ within your server directory (the folder itself, not individual files - you can see the file tree on the left side of the editor).

  • The Denizen extension will automatically be active on any files that have the .dsc file extension. (note: historically, the .yml extension was used for scripts. This is no longer a recommended file extension, and .yml files will not have Denizen script highlighting. You must use .dsc).

  • For the most part, just start editing your script files the same way you would edit any text file within VS Code.