Where Next

Congratulations, you've reached the end of the basics section! If you've been following the guide the whole way through to here, you should now understand the majority of the basics of Denizen.

There is, of course, still a lot you haven't yet learned as well. So, where do you go from here? Well, it depends on your own needs and plans.

What do you plan to do with Denizen?

I Want To Write NPC-Driven Quests/Shops/Interactions

The place to go next for you is definitely the NPCs section. There, you'll learn how to attach Denizen scripts to NPCs, make use of NPC-specific script features, and combine in the basics you've already learned to build full scripts, including example guide NPCs, kill quests, etc.

I Want To Obtain A Mastery of Scripting, To Totally Control My Server

Wow! Many learn enough to achieve great things, but few achieve total mastery. If you hope to achieve this (or to at least get close), the biggest thing you're going to need to do is simply... spend time. Write lots of scripts, read lots of documentation, and try lots of experiments. If mastery is your goal, you probably already are planning to follow every single page in this guide, but just to get you going in the right direction, the next section to focus on for you will be the advanced section which will teach some more advanced features and techniques that can be used to take you much farther and give you the first glimpse into things like the infamous one-line do-everything magic tags that the scripting masters on our Discord like to show off with.

I Just Want More Fine-Tuned Control of My Server

Well, good news: you've already gained the tools you need for this! Using the right combinations of events, commands, and tags, you can achieve a whole lot. The next thing for you to do now is probably start thinking of some of the simpler sounding things you want to achieve, and go search the documentation for relevant events/commands/etc. that would be used for script idea. After you've done a few simple scripts, you'll grow in confidence and be able to achieve more-and-more interesting script ideas. Remember: don't be afraid to ask on Discord for help if you get stuck!