Mechanisms And Properties (PLACEHOLDER ONLY)


Until this page is written, you can view the old tutorial video here.

The Adjust Command

The adjust command is primarily used to adjust entities that are already spawned or otherwise have a unique identifier.

The AdjustBlock command

The adjustblock command is a variant of normal adjust specifically to adjust material mechanisms on blocks.

How To Adjust Items

TODO: Explain adjust/adjustblock more, including how inventory adjust works, and including what a 'unique identifier' is

Adjusting Definitions

TODO: Explain adjust def:x


"Properties" are a system to track the details of an object that doesn't have a unique identity of its own.

Item Properties

The most common place that properties are seen in use is with items.

Entities Have Properties Too

TODO: Explain properties more, including the entity.describe tag, the idea of tag+mechanism pairs, etc